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Jaan E Mann Watch Online HD

Jaan E Mann Watch Online HDJaan E Mann Watch Online HD (2006) Bollywood

Jaan E Mann Watch Online HD

Movie Info:

Geeky NASA astronaut Agastya (Akshay Kumar) discovers that his college overwhelm. Piya (Preity Zinta), is ready to get divorced and makes a decision to make any other play for her. Spurred by way of his uncle (Anupam Kher). one-time Bollywood famous person Suhaan (Salman Khan) gives to assist. however best due to the fact he doesn’t need to ought to pay alimony to Piya. to whom he’s secretly married. But once Suhaan discovers he has a daughter and realizes he still has emotions for Piya, he reasons extreme romantic headaches.
Preliminary release:. October 20, 2006 (India)
Director:. Shirish Kunder.
box workplace:. 350 million INR.

Movie Review:

Suhaan (Salman Khan) and Piya (Preity Zinta) fell in love in university and eloped. But, he has to hold his marriage a mystery for you to similarly his career as a movie megastar and. whilst his career hits a low, he returns domestic to find out that she has left him. She does no longer answer his calls or letters. and he soon gets divorce papers inside the mail.

The film begins whilst Suhaan receives a note saying his ex-wife Piya. who has settled in new york, wants a divorce agreement of 5 million rupees. considering that he didn’t make his alimony bills because of his negative monetary condition. Suhaan appeals to his uncle Boney (Anupam Kher). a midget lawyer, for assist. As they try to parent out an answer. Agastya Rao (Akshay Kumar) lands at their doorstep attempting to find Piya. He exhibits to them that he fell in love with Piya in the course of his college days but couldn’t specific his like to her due to the fact she turned into in love with a person else. unaware that the person he lost her to changed into Suhaan. Piya had disregarded Agastya then, a nerd, a nobody. and even broke his coronary heart with the aid of blowing him off to be with Suhaan at a live performance that Agastya had taken her to. A heartbroken Agastya left the university as a result and eventually wound up in Houston running for NASA.

Suhaan and Boney hatch a plan to get Agastya and Piya collectively. so that Suhaan want now not pay alimony to Piya and Agastya receives the female of his goals. Suhaan accompanies Agastya to new york city to help Agastya win Piya over. They hire an condo opposite Piya’s and watch her each flow. actually, using telescopes, binoculars, and surveillance strategies. The use of a headset, Suhaan feeds Agastya strains to woo Piya with and eventually succeeds in getting Piya and Agastya collectively.

One night time, Suhaan unearths out Piya has a baby girl, Suhaan’s daughter. He realises that she left him in view that she did now not want her and the toddler to wreck Suhaan’s film profession. Suhaan realises his mistake and tries to make amends and start a brand new life with Piya and his daughter, Suhani. Sadly. earlier than he can act, Piya gets engaged to Agastya.

It later emerges that Piya’s brother, Vishal. had been hiding letters that Suhaan wrote to her and was chargeable for starting up the divorce system. Agastya realises Piya remains in love with Suhaan and no longer him; so he famous the reality and tells her to be with Suhaan. Piya flies back to India where Suhaan is searching for work as a small-time actor. They specific their mutual love. reuniting their damaged own family.


Jaan E Mann Watch Online HD

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