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Fanaa Watch Online Full Movie

Fanaa Watch Online Full MovieFanaa Watch Online Full Movie (2006) Bollywood

Fanaa Watch Online Full Movie

Movie Info:

Rehan (Aamir Khan), a tour manual and infamous flirt, meets Zooni (Kajol), a blind Kashmiri lady. She determines to live independently and disregards her friends’ recommendation to disregard Rehan. He teaches her the way to revel in existence to the fullest however, on the same time, he withholds a horrible secret that might spoil them both.
Initial release: may 26, 2006 (united states)
Director: Kunal Kohli
music composed by: Jatin-Lalit, Lalit Pandit, Salim merchant

Movie Review:

Zooni Ali Beg (Kajol) is a blind Kashmiri girl who travels with out her parents for the first time with a dance to Delhi to perform in a rite for Republic Day. On her adventure, she meets Rehan Qadri (Aamir Khan), a Casanova excursion guide who flirts with her. Although her friends warn Zooni about him, she can’t withstand falling in love. On her closing night in Delhi, Rehan and Zooni spend the night time collectively and come to be in mattress. As Zooni is leaving tomorrow on a educate, Rehan is available in and takes her away with him. Her mother and father arrive in Delhi to marry them. Zooni has a manner accomplished that facilitates her see again, however when she comes out of surgical treatment, she unearths out that Rehan became killed in a bomb blast inside the town, and is heartbroken. She is taken to the health center mortuary, and told to become aware of his frame. As Zooni can’t see any frame there, she is quick made aware of the sweater that Rehan became wearing which she knitted for him protected in blood and soot.

In the meantime, Malini Tyagi (Tabu) is a unique intelligence agent brought in to assess the hazard of the bomb blast and the institution accountable, an impartial agency combating for an unbiased Kashmir called IKF. She believes it’s miles the paintings of one guy who’s helping IKF. It is discovered that the person is Rehan, who positioned the bomb blast in motion, then faked his death so Zooni would not come seeking out him. He privately admits that he loves Zooni, however also concedes that he can never see her once more due to his dangerous existence.

Seven years later, Rehan is on an Indian navy camp on some other undertaking for the IKF. IKF has received a nuclear weapon however wishes to get preserve of the cause, that is in the military’s possession. Rehan manages to scouse borrow it, however Tyagi has found out his plan and sends forces to forestall him. In the resulting shootout, Rehan is injured critically. He makes his way to a far off residence searching out assist. The door opens, and it turns out to be Zooni’s residence. It’s also revealed that Zooni had given delivery to Rehan’s son after Rehan’s supposed dying. Zooni and her father control to keep Rehan, although neither is aware of his actual identification. Even though to begin with distant from them, Rehan develops an affection for his son and will become pleasant closer to Zooni and her father.

Rehan in the end exhibits his proper identity to them. Initially hurt, Zooni refuses to permit Rehan depart her once more, and the 2 of them are married with the aid of her father. Tyagi has a file published approximately Rehan, warning the public that he’s a dangerous terrorist. Zooni’s father sees this file, and realizes that it’s Rehan. He holds him at gunpoint, however Rehan thwarts him and manages to get the cause returned. Inside the system, although, he by accident throws Zooni’s father off a ledge, killing him. He radios the IKF from an army officer’s residence describing his role. But, the officer discovers Rehan, who then kills the officer.


Fanaa Watch Online Full Movie

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